Why We Started a Financial Planning Firm

By Brittany Goodwillie, CFP® 

With our complimentary skill sets (Erik as an investor and me as a planner), we have always talked about one day starting a financial planning firm together.  I don't think either of us knew quite how soon "one day" would be. 

After watching me work as a planner and learning with me as I spent endless hours studying for the CFP® exam, Erik's interest began to peak.  As I made flash cards and read book after book, he started asking me which books I was done with so he could read them.  He even brought a stack of my books to the beach when we vacationed in Florida together!  My love for financial planning and personally impacting people's lives was contagious.  Erik enjoyed working as a Quantitative Analyst on a large fund, but the personal connection to clients wasn't there.  His passion and excitement for helping individuals invest their money and achieve their goals grew more and more.  We eventually decided to stop waiting for "one day" and start a firm.  The only thing left to figure out was where to start it.  

Erik and I are both from Michigan and with our parents, grandparents, siblings, and nieces and nephews all in Michigan, being in Maryland made us miss out on a lot of family events.  I was getting tired of airports and face-timing at birthday parties and family events when I couldn't be there in person.  After praying about it, we decided we wanted to move back to Michigan so we would be closer to our families as we begin to grow our own family.  With that, we moved to Michigan to start Autumn Financial Advisors, LLC. 

We have enjoyed spending more time together and with our families.  We've gone to apple orchards, hosted a family BBQ, and even had our three nephews over for an epic sleepover.  Now that we are settled in, we are more excited than ever to start helping clients and their families.  Contact us today to set up a time to meet!