Why do I need a financial planner?

Regardless of the amount of assets you have, the things you do now can make a huge impact on your financial future. We often hear clients say that they wish they would have worked with an advisor earlier. Just as with most things in life, reaching your financial goals takes dedication and persistence. Working with an advisor now will help you to not only create a detailed plan but also to commit to it and adjust it along the way.

What type of people do you work with?

We work with families, professionals, and anyone going through a life transition. We work with anyone who is serious about saving and working toward reaching financial goals. Our clients are looking for Autumn Financial Advisors, LLC to help them to create and implement a realistic plan to fit their personal goals.

Do you have a minimum asset requirement for your clients?

No! We are passionate about helping anyone who needs financial advice, regardless of your current assets. If you don't have investment assets yet, you will instead pay a quarterly fee. With that, we will help keep you on track to meet your financial goals and be on call for any and all financial questions. Our hope will be to help you to save more and invest more. The investment management fee we charge offsets the financial planning fee, and you will not pay any ongoing financial planning fee once you invest a certain amount with us.

Do I have to pay for our first meeting?

No. We do not charge for the first meeting and it is not high pressure at all. We will use it to get to know one another more. We will share more about how we work with clients and hopefully you will share your goals and what you are looking to accomplish by working with an advisor. We will see if it is a good fit, and move forward if we both agree it is.

How do you get paid?

Autumn Financial Advisors, LLC is a fee-only financial planning firm. This means that we don’t sell any products or receive any commissions. All of our compensation comes directly from our clients. When we recommend insurance or other financial products to you, it is because we truly see the benefit and will not receive anything in return. Learn more about what we charge for a comprehensive financial plan and ongoing investment management.

Why don’t you offer hourly advice?

We like to think of financial planning as running a marathon. Just like running a marathon requires persistence in training runs, in order to reach your goals, you need to form habits and stick to them. Additionally, a full financial picture is complex and has a lot of moving pieces. At Autumn Financial Advisors, LLC, we start by writing a comprehensive financial plan to ensure we aren’t leaving out any important pieces of your financial situation. From there, we make updates as needed and help clients to implement action items to reach their goals.

Why did you name your firm Autumn Financial Advisors, LLC?

When deciding to start our own firm, we wanted a name that meant something to us. We both grew up in Michigan and Autumn is our favorite time of the year. Autumn is the time when we would spend the most time with our families, playing in the leaves, visiting pumpkin patches, and gathering for Thanksgiving. Additionally, Autumn is a time of transition and during life transitions people tend to need the most guidance…whether it is getting married, having a baby, sending kids to college, or retiring.

I'd like to learn more, what is the next step?

You can always email or call us with questions. Or you can schedule an introductory phone call to learn more about working with a financial advisor. We will learn more about one another and discuss next steps.

More Questions?  Call or email us anytime and we would be happy to answer any questions you have!